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MILO - Motion Control Studio - South Florida

MU2 Productions is always moving forward when it comes to technnological advnaces in cinematography and production. Recently, with it's partner Southeast Studios, MU2 is working with the MILO - Academy Award winning Motion Control Rig. Able to do Macro and Live Action work, the MILO is a Robotic arm and dolly platform which allows for perfect and unattainable camera moves with normal human actions. It can pull focus, dolly, boom, do full 360 degree spins, and more. It can also repeat the exact move over and over again without error.


It is pixel perfect which allows for intergerated 3D Motion effects. It also is portable which allows for quick set ups on location.


This is the type of technology, MU2's Directing team is working with, to create creative and unique commercial spots and concepts. It is also available to other production houses. 

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