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Established in 2009, MU2 Productions has become a top Florida Video Production Company and creative agency concentrating on the development of highly crafted digital media products - digital content, commercials, music videos, and docu-style marketing. We can be hired as a full service production company, providing our own producers, cinematographers and directors, or we can provide our own top tier production and coordination services for your project. 


As producers, directors and cinematographers ourselves we have hands on experience in every detail of the technical and creative aspects of production. Our team works hand in hand with brands, artists, and other production companies providing concept development, pre-production, filming and post-production...and with hundreds of contacts in the industry our production process allows for our projects and yours to come together wth ease, with the best talent, the best gear and within your budget.


We have armed ourselves with a high end production workflow, the most advanced gear, experienced producers, unique directors and creative shooters, editors, and artists. Our professionalism, caliber or work, and production services are truly hard to match whether in Orlando, Ft Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, or Miami.

miami video production


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