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Miami, Florida based Commercial Directors - Martin & Oscar

Over the years, brothers Martin and Oscar Ubilluz - M&O - have become a double threat as a skilled director and cinematographer combination with a unique visual style. Beginning their career directing music videos, M&O crafted creative and unique pieces which seen on MTV and BET, and have over 20 million views on Youtube. 


M&O have now expanded their Direction into the commercial arena, directing pieces for top tier brands like Honda, Ebay, SMS Audio, Uber, and Hyundai Mobile. Always bringing that artistic vision and filmic tone into their national commercial work and digital content videos. 


This the heart and soul of MU2 Productions, Florida Video Production Company - a combination of cinematography and new ideas geared toward making brands ands artists stand out in new and innovative ways.


M&O are always hard at work on creative concepts and developing new ways to promote brands. As a team they are powered by a never ending passion for creativity, cinematography, and production. Constantly looking for new inspiration, doing research into new industry methods and staying up to date on all technology; M&O (Martín and Oscar) are the team you want developing and guiding your project. 

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