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Tampa Video Production

MU2 Productions offers a wide range of Tampa Video Production services. If you have a the vision for a commercial production, social media spot, marketing film, corporate video production or music video let us help you make that vision come to a reality with our experience, contacts, and top end production services. OR you may simply need a Camera Crew, a Videographer, Crew Hire, Equipment rental, or Postproduction, and in that case MU2 can be your solution as well. 


As a development team we have the imagination to come up with creative content; the know how, the best contacts and the experience to coordinate any video production; and the drive and professionalism to get the job done right. When not producing our own projects we have acted as the Producer and Coordinator for an wide range of local and out of state brands, agencies and production companies. If you are looking to film a project in Tampa, Florida or anywhere please contact us and we will get it done with ease and on cost.

Creative Services


  • Digital Content

  • Concept Development

  • Commercial Production

  • Social Media Spots

  • Photography Productions

  • Corporate Videos

  • Documentary

  • Music Videos

  • Experimental Advertising

Cinematography | Camera


  • Director of Photography

  • Camera Packages - ALEXA, DRAGON, PHANTOM

  • Camera Crews

  • Camera Operator and AC's

  • Cinema Lens Rentals


  • Anamorphic Lens Rentals

  • Phantom FLEX Camera and Tech

  • Vintage Lens Rentals

​Pre-Production Services


  • Producer

  • Line Producer

  • Conceptualization

  • Coordinating

  • Location Scouting

  • Casting

  • Crew Hire and Contacts

  • Production Management

  • Permits

​Video Production Services


  • Full Service Production Crew

  • MILO - MOTION CONTROL by Mark Roberts

  • Grip Truck with Full Range of Lighting Packages

  • Sound Tech with Audio Package

  • Green Screen Studio

  • CYCLORAMA Studio

  • Photography

  • Scorpio Crane w/ Tech

  • Documentary Films

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